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wow long time no posting here. I kinda converted to tumblr if anyone wants to visit, it is thisticklesmyfancy.tumblr.com

This is my last year of uni so I'm trying to tie up loose ends. I realized that some gifs and whatnot that I have done in the past from procrastinating really have helped me in the end to learn photoshop which did help :)

However most of these that I made are all random fandoms and I think would look rather embarrassing in a portfolio setting so I was thinking to add more of random less obscure celebrities and random stuff so it can dilute my other works in order to use them in portolio hehe. On the other hand with the world we live me today perhaps I might not even be allowed to include them since I'm using images that I did not take myself cuz I swear people these days..you know the guy who did this?

well even tho it's totally his own he got sued for it because he 'copied Obama's face from a photo' I'm like.. r u srs =_= you might as well sue people for wearing the same colour shirt as you too. what bugs me most is in these kinda cases it's like he did this for fun and everyone knows this picture and it could have contributed to Obama's popularity it's not like he stole an image and added some obscene stuff to it or anything like that, but they're suing this guy, come awn.

haruma wallie yet again

i seem to get displeasure from making wallpapers, possibly because i'm so picky and never quite satisfied and this is just on a bigger scale so i enjoy working with icons much more as they are smaller so mistakes can be easily dismissed heh, but anyways here's the latest.

*Haruma photobook TABUN scan from http://viapurifico.morning-songs.com/harumacchi/
*the photo film brush > bsilvia film brushes

les icons

i seem to get my icon mood quite rarely but not as rare as my wallpaper mood so enjoy while you can heh. well here's the bunch i made over the past two days~ *comment and credit would be nice ^^

Miura Haruma icons:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

all these images can be found at one or most of these sites:

old icons

go me, i found some more~

                                  1-gackt 2-ryutaro (plastic tree) 3-toshiya (dir en grey)

1 2 3

found some old icons + wallie

so i found some old stuff that i made (and just edited some) and figured i might as well post it (at least this way i can use this as a test and keep using the same html code for the chart for future hehe)

so first i got this wallpaper of lee jung jin

and ze iconsss (for some reason some of them are saved as gifs O_o):

1-kaoru (dir en grey)4-die (dir en grey)7-mugen (samurai champloo)10-random tshirt
2-toshiya (dir en grey)5-shinya (dir en grey)8-aoi (gazette)11-muppet (prawn)
3-aoi (gazette)6-toshiya (dir en grey)9-daniel henney12-yoshitaka amano pic

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

miura wallies

as usual i got tons of hmwk to do so i avoid it by playing around with photoshop yey. of course i'll kick myself for it later but oh well.

so i made some Miura Haruma wallpapers..there's some parts i'm not satisfied with but when i try to fix them i end up making it worse so i'm just leaving them as they are.


slight colour variations of the second oneCollapse )

*the sparkles i used in the first one is a night sky brush by white whisper
*the images...i get them either from http://asiabeam.com or from here http://www.freeweb.hu/ringonouta/cpg1418/index.php?cat=2

giffy gif gif

made a random gif..when i should be doing hmwk

for whoever wants to know. it's from a music video by a russian band called ying yang - the song being "kamikaze" www.youtube.com/watch

tesla hehe

her stuff is hiliarious her site is http://harkavagrant.com/index.php

I really like this

mm sky

I haven't posted an image in a long time so I shall do that ^^


I rather like this one, it looks like the sun is setting soon ahh, my favorite time of day. they look all soft and inviting. Just staring at this makes me calm. Since it's been all blah weather lately, haven't seen a cloud for a while now, ahh sitting in a field looking up at huge clouds and guessing what they look like. I miss that lounging around feeling outdoors. I now remembered my neighbour totoro heh, I love that movie it's so cozy ^-^