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animelement's Journal

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I get high on meiji candies.
I like spinach buns. Any kind of buns would do really.
I am easily amused by small cute things including kittens.
I like foreign films, but I refuse to watch anything dubbed, it must be subbed.
I am currently studying design and love anything visual. Of course that also includes old school Disney.
I like wooden jewlery and pretty much anything handmade and funky.
I like drums.
I think people who wear glasses are remarkably sexy.
I like thunderstorms and crickets during the night.
12012, 3-iron, adagios, all Давай, ancient cultures, androgyny, anime, anna sui, anti-homophobia, archery, architecture, art, asian cinema, autocad, autumn, bakeries, baraka, batman, big beat, bishounen, bitter:sweet, bittorrent, black adder, bollywood, books, british humour, bubble wrap, buena vista social club, calvin and hobbes, camino, candy, caramelldansen, carey grant, casker, cats, children's books, chocolate, chopsticks, comedy, comics, cute things, d, daniel henney, design, dir en grey, discovery channel, diversity, dj ozma, doodles, drawing, drums, eddie izzard, edgar cayce, epik high, far coast, food, foreign films, funky socks, gackt, georgia nicolson, good commercials, graphic design, graphic novels, gto, guys in glasses, hair dye, hand made, hard gay, hatake kakashi, hayao miyazaki, hoodies, ice cream, illustrator, imagination, indiana jones, internet, japan, jrock, kagrra, kaoru niikura, kawauchi tohru, kvn, l'arc~en~ciel, languages, laughing, lee jun ki, lily allen, love hina, mac cosmetics, manga, martial arts, miyavi, miyazaki films, monty python, movies, mp3, music, mysteries, national geographic, ninjas, nodame cantabile, old school disney, olive, online quizzes, origami, paranormal, photography, photoshop, picture books, pillows, pizza, plastic tree, pork buns, prince of tennis, procastination, putumayo, roald dahl, robot chicken, sailor jupiter, samurai champloo, satoshi kon, sid, sigur ros, silver, singing in shower, sleeping in, smoothies, snail mail, sneakers, stars, stockings, sunset, sushi, tennis no oujisama, the beatles, the emperor's new groove, the far side, thinking, trigun, trip hop, universe, visual kei, visuel kei, wooden jewlery, world music, yoko kanno, yoochun, Группа 101, КВН,

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